1. "Frank, I totally understand the criticism of much of what happens under the banner of being “new.” But, just like you say at the end of your post, the “old” ways of “doing Christianity” aren’t “the only” ways. Many “progressive Christians” are trying to find new ways that WILL work, outside of the institution. The rhetoric here might be helpful to a few, but I don’t think it’s going to bring about a tectonic shift for all the people (like myself) who have walked away from “the church” with no plans of returning. Mostly what this kind of combative post does for me is actually reinforce the problems associating with “worshiping” through the institution (or, one could interpret this as worshiping the institution). Many of us are discovering that we can find unity in our common humanity, without the shackles of what many perceive as ridiculous repetition. Do we need a funeral to remember someone’s passing? Do we need a wedding for two people to make a commitment? No, of course not. These things can be helpful for some, but not everyone. While you are putting on your Sunday best for “God” and driving across town and sitting, then standing, then sitting on a pew, I’ll be spending time with my family, finding and creating new ways to love each other. I’ll be getting coffee with a friend, or getting together with a few people at a bar. Neither of us are “right” or “wrong.” But, many of us agree, the traditional ways aren’t the “only” ways, and they don’t “work” for us. If there is a God to be found, I really hope he/she/it cannot only be found through an archaic and repetitive institution."